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Welcome to this humble web log. If you are hoping to find top-class awesome writings about neuroscience, economics, psychology and quantitative methods this is not the place to be. Though I will write about this topics, I’ll only try to be interesting in a hopefully-not-so-shitty writing (i can’t promise anything). So yeah, if you are fan (doubtly) or interested in neurocognibehavioral sciences -specially from a methodological point of view- this is the blog for you.

So what is this really about?

60′ Serendipity is a personal blog about ideas, researches or news about recent developments of quantitative methods in social sciences. In particular I’ll try to write around neuroscience, cognitive science, economics, social complexity, quantitative psychology and simulation science. As you already may be wandering, topics such as behavioral economics or decision sciences will be the heart of this interdisciplinary approach.

60′ Serendipity RULES::

#1      Try to destroy every single argument made.

#2      Only destroy with other arguments.

So yeah, read something and have fun.

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